Orion Independent

Website Design and SEO

With over 15 years' experience in website development and digital marketing, Harley Orion focuses on helping companies reach new levels of effectiveness in their marketing.  It takes a dizzying array of skillsets to launch a company or a product today - from product vision to digital strategy, user experience, SEO, software development, integrated marketing and so much more.  While no individual can come close to providing all of these skills, every project needs a leader with a solid grasp of all of them – and an ability to maintain focus, cut through complexity, and simply make it all work. Orion Independent was created to deliver on that promise.

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Crowaboutit! Creative

Graphic Design

Jolene Crowley, is principal at Crowaboutit! Creative, a comprehensive media and visual content production company that creates visual messaging solutions.

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Vanderpool Films

Film Production

At Vanderpool Films, veteran filmmakers work with innovative young talent to provide a full range of media services from concept design and storyboard through production, editorial finishing and media deployment.

Charles and Marilyn Vanderpool believe that great storytelling is important whether they're creating a 30-second commercial or a 60-minute film.  They are passionate about filming "real people" and work hard to create a supportive atmosphere for telling stories, selling product, or conveying ideas.  Vanderpool Films professionals take pride in making real people feel good and look good on camera - so their magic shines through.

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